Founded in 2016, we were originally called Encore! Choir after our affiliation with the local theatre company, Encore! Performing Arts. After three years the choir branched off and as of January 2019, we have our own identity, 'SiNG Choir'!


We strive to offer everyone the opportunity to come and learn how to sing together, properly. It doesn't matter whether you're a trained musician or just sing in the shower for fun, we give you the tools you need to be a great chorister and push you into new worlds of choral music.


Our repertoire varies term by term and we cover all sorts of music: classical, pop, musical theatre, Christmas, jazz, foreign music, gospel...you name it!


Each year we aim to do at least three musical performances (one each term), and we rehearse on Sunday evenings term time only.


We now have just under 40 members, but we'd love some more! If you'd like more information about joining us, click on our 'Join Us' page.


Sam Griffiths (DipABRSM, BA Hons, MISM)

SiNG Choir is founded and run by local musician, Sam Griffiths. In 2015, Sam set up Encore! Performing Arts, producing high-standard amateur productions, before branching out and adding the choir to the company. At the end of 2018, Sam decided to take a break from theatrical producing and move the choir into a brand new direction.


Sam is a classically trained pianist, with a passion for classical music, both instrumentally, orchestrally, and chorally! He graduated from the University of Nottingham with a degree in Music in July 2019, and currently holds a diploma in Piano Performance with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.


He primarily works as a piano teacher and teaches both privately and in schools across Nottingham, as well as a freelance musician and conductor for many theatre companies and other musical groups.


Sam is highly passionate about sharing his musical knowledge and experience with others and believes that everyone should have the opportunity to learn how to sing music "properly".

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